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Quality Assurance Controls

We believe that only a perfect process is an effective means to ensure quality

Overall Quality Standardization Management

According to the requirements of GJB9001C-2017 operation of the weapon equipment quality management system, the quality standardization management work is seriously carried out, and all personnel perform their duties to ensure that the products are effectively controlled and guaranteed in strict accordance with the system control requirements during the production process.

Quality Supervision and Guarantee of Purchased Parts

All purchased parts are purchased from qualified suppliers, and each batch of products is accompanied by a certificate of conformity or quality certificate to ensure that the quality of purchased parts meets the requirements of product drawings and technical documents.

Quality control during production

Implement the "three-inspection" system of first article self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection, clarify the control requirements for important processes, focus on control and check, and record the monitoring of the process to ensure the quality of the product process.

Quality Assurance of Metrology Testing System

Strictly distinguish the measurement and inspection tools used for production and inspection. The key measuring instruments are used and kept by special personnel, and the monitoring equipment is calibrated and verified by a third party every year to ensure the effectiveness of monitoring and measurement results.

Control and supervision measures for non-conforming products

Unqualified products are strictly controlled and handled in accordance with the company's "Unqualified Control Procedures", and a special review team for unqualified products is set up to be responsible for identifying unqualified products and tracking the results of disposing of unqualified products.

Quality Assurance Measures for Finished Product Inspection

After the product processing is completed, a full-time inspector will carry out all inspections and tests one by one according to the "Inspection Card" and the technical requirements of the drawings.

Abundant detection means to ensure the pass rate of products

Quality inspection records

We can provide a variety of quality inspection reports according to your requirements