Fuante New Energy

Qingdao Fu'ante New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Enterprise Highlights

Our Advantage

High and clear mission and vision

Scientific and technological innovation, to provide customers with safe, reliable, efficient and energy-saving power electronic products and services

Sustainable corporate values

Be human and learn, be the only one

Strong capital investment

Personnel and equipment and other inputs Has exceeded 30 million

Excellent team with rich experience and high education

All are in power electronics related industries, with more than 30 R&D personnel. The core technical personnel are all from Tsinghua University and Tianjin University. They have many years of experience in product development and project implementation in the field of power energy.

Perfect advanced laboratory and R&D environment

A high-standard laboratory has been built, with a group of professional experimental instruments and meters

Strategic cooperation between Tsinghua University and Academy of Sciences

Strong technical support behind