Fuante New Energy

Qingdao Fu'ante New Energy Technology Co., Ltd


Safe, reliable, high-efficiency and energy-saving power electronic product manufacturer, contributing China’s power to the world’s energy-saving cause

Long-term accumulation in power electronics and power systems

Our core team is all well-known expert in the field of new energy and transformers, who have been engaged in new energy and transformers for a long time, and have rich experience in products and projects.

An excellent team integrating production and research

Team members come from Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, with many years of experience in product development and project implementation in the field of electric energy.

Advanced laboratory and R&D environment

Volta has built a high-standard laboratory with many professional experimental instruments.

Rich international industrial resources

The team has many years of experience in cooperation with developed countries in Europe and the US in the fields of energy and home appliances